An interesting email.

So the other day I actually had an email in my inbox that wasn't spam or a reminder to pay my credit card bill! Cool! 

This email was from a writer named Morgan Routh who had found a video of me online randomly. This video in fact: And A New Earth: Stoic Face Visuals.

It was a very sweet email. A little quote from it: "It really struck me. The image randomly appeared in my head sometimes and wouldn't go away...I remember furiously trying to capture and describe your video in writing. It was a serious challenge and it made me a better writer for it."

Morgan has just finished a novel - Moogie Covenant - & sent me a copy!

I made that short video as a bit of stock footage for "And a New Earth". It was very cathartic.

I just think it is kind of cool that someone not on HitRECord found it and became inspired by it. You just never know how your work will be received & processed!

Just wanted to write a bit about that. :) Going to check out the book. Thanks again, Morgan!